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About the Munn Brothers 

Jim Munn - Managing Broker

From the time I graduated from high school, real estate has been the focus. No life changes, just the love of seeing unique homes and properties. As a student of finance at Seattle Pacific University, I was mentored by the graduate teacher of the real estate investment, as his personal property manager. I learned the way to market apartments, rooming houses and homes in Seattle, I was based in the U-District near UW, on frat row, managing over 200 units. 
After graduating the trenches and SPU in 1984, I managed  new luxury apartments full time in the Westlake area of Queen Anne for Cosmos International. I was responsible for the comforts of high profile sports athletes and actors.
I started working for MacPherson's Real Estate as a salesman in 1987 in the University District, then later as an agent for Home Realty at Greenlake.
From there a choice was made to leave the big city and sell land in the country, returning to the family homestead at Lake Leland, Washington.
Life is good on the farm!

Quilcene Munns Since 1888

For generations, the Munn clan has called the Hood Canal and Jefferson County area home.
Hector John Munn, Bruce and Jim's father and a retired college chemistry teacher, with access to various family documents wrote a number of books on the story of their family's origins in the Quilcene area.
In fact, they still own 130 acres of the land by Lake Leland once owned by Jim and Ana Munn (Bruce and Jim's Great-Grandparents). The community is now a part of Quilcene, Washington.
Contact us if you are interested in learning more about these books:
Jim & Ana
The 1806 voyage of the Spencer
The Story of Old Leland
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